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Monday, January 21, 2008

Good movie, bad movie deal - theater should offer Atonement

I'd been thinking of canning this blog, because it seems like I have so little time to devote to blogging nowadays. I'm back. I've got to kvetch about this.

I went to the movies yesterday, and saw Atonement. It's a great flick -- multi-layered, with a dose of mystery -- not a saccharine romance. I recommend it.

Atonement: go see it.

Here's the bad part: After paying $9 to get in (I know, not bad by New York standards) and paying another 9 bucks for a small Diet Coke and popcorn, I had to sit through commercials.

Commercials, mind you, not trailers or coming attraction, which I like seeing. We were inflicted with actual commercials.

Oh, the horror.

Maybe the financial picture is gloomy enough that movie-theater operators feel they have to do this to survive.

It makes me want to stay home and watch DVDs, or just read.

That's the best idea -- read the book.