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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Help is here, darlings

Having already received one request for advice, Saint Pat decided it would be a good thing to have a place for you to regularly send your pleas for counsel, so she set up a special e-mail account just for that purpose. Send you requests to AskSaintPat[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you're having a fashion or beauty emergency, she will advise you on this blog. If you want advice of a more personal or spiritual nature, it will be answered at No Claim to Sainthood.

Here's the first Q&A:

Dear Saint Pat,

I have a terrible time with coffee stains. I'll be sitting at work, reading MadPriest and all of a sudden, I'll laugh and spew coffee all over my keyboard and my white blouse. What can I do to keep stains from setting into my blouses? All of my clothes are getting stained.


Concerned in Kissimmee

Dear Concerned,

In the first place, don't wear white blouses if you're going to be so messy.

If you have to wear white and light colors (I see you are in Florida, after all), go straight to the ladies' room. Wash out the spot with hot water, then, with your fingers, take a little of that white hand soap, rub it into the spot, and rinse again. It will usually remove the coffee with no problem. This technique is also good for removing salad dressing stains and hamburger droppings.

If there's no blow dryer in the ladies' room, blot the spot as well as you can with paper towels.

Sure, people will look at you funny the first time you go strolling through the office with one wet boob, but just explain the circumstances to them. After the first few times, they won't even pay any attention.

Now, as to why you are reading MadPriest during working hours, that's another question.


Saint Pat


Eileen said...

St. Pat - Wet boob is its own fashion statement, isn't it?

I suggest concerned take pics and send them to MP whom I am sure will be forced to post them immediately.

Saint Pat said...

Good thinking, Eileen!

Ann said...

Now I am laughing and choking on my tea as I read this.