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Monday, March 19, 2007

Just snicker

This is from Elle's must-haves for 9 to 5. Oh, please. I can rummage in the back of my closet and pull out a real 1980's blouse that looks better than this piece of frump.

It was a terrible look, anyway. Some designer thought, "Hmmm. We could feminize the women's 'got to be more businessy than men' look by adding a frumpy bow." The look should rest in peace. Leave it alone, darlings. But if you insist on having it, you can find one for just a buck or two at Goodwill.

And what's with the hideous shoes?

If any proof were needed that most designers are misogynistic sadists, just look at shoes.

I'm happy to report Macy's does has a number of low heeled and flat shoes, which look like they would inflict very little pain on the wearer.

Get these, however. The combo of destruction: very high heels and very pointed toes. The heels are enough to cause a serious fall. If you manage to wear them long enough before you tumble, they'll cause deformity to your calf muscles. They'll also push your toes further into the shoes, causing deformities to the bones in your toes, with considerable pain along the way. Hammertoes, bunions.

Do you really want to cripple yourself?

And stuff like this runway monstrosity? Well, just :snicker: I guess nobody's supposed to actually wear it (especially the hat) until it's been re-designed. Just snicker.

BUT never buy anything like this!!!! No fur, darlings, no fur. Not even fake fur. I'll explain more on that later.


Padre Mickey said...

I understand the no fur thang, but isn't that model's hat made of some sort of packing material? She needs a periscope or something so that she can see where she's going!

Nice blog, St. Pat.
I am a great fan of Go Fug Yourself. I think those two have a good handle on fashion, too.

Ann said...

Maybe it is the new look in miters? Talk about a silly fashion - do miters look good on anyone?

Caminante said...

I put fashion in its place because I wear my usual preppie/classic/eclectic/Guatemalan/Salvadoran/
Vermont/you-name-it style. I've never used make-up and I wear shoes with super low heels. I am about to hit 50 (yikes) and still wear my hair long in a French braid.

Padre Mickey said...

If I'm not wearing clericals I wear a guyabera and slacks. If I'm walking to the church I add my Cal Berkeley Golden Bears cap, like Jesus wore (he hates Stanford!).

Saint Pat said...

Hey, I like the "Go Fug Yourself" site.

Re the model: I've decided the hat's composition involves straw, mud and silver spray paint.