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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poor Richard

Poor Richard. And Alec. And poor Hugh.

They're all in trouble, these bad, bad boys:

And he only kissed her on the cheek

There's an arrest warrant out for Richard Gere in India. Good thing for him he isn't there, or he would be arrested for obscenity for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty a couple of weeks ago, at an AIDS awareness fundraiser.

Victim Shetty has also been accused of vulgarity and obscenity. India, like most extremely Puritanical cultures, is quick to blame the woman when the rules are transgressed.

Accusing him, and especially her, of pornography seems a little extreme, since he only kissed her on the cheek, after bending her back in a dance move he learned for a movie.

I saw a video clip of the incident today. Shetty's extreme discomfort is obvious on her face. It doesn't look like Gere was aware of it, and he surely meant her no harm, but here's a lesson: be careful about presuming to grab and kiss someone.

The same embarrassed smile spread across Halle Berry's face at the Oscars a few years ago, after actor Adrien Brody grabbed and kissed her (full bore on the mouth) without her permission, as she presented him an Oscar.

Guys, it really isn't OK to grab and kiss a gal without her consent, even if you're in front of a crowd at an entertainment event. It is a violation of a person's body.

Beware the beans

What can one say? It isn't Hugh Grant's first arrest.

This one apparently doesn't involve sex. Hugh was allegedly annoyed by a photographer while he was out jogging. Hitting and kicking the offending paparazzi wasn't enough; Hugh had to throw a container of baked beans at the guy, too.

Hugh was arrested for assault and released. He's not talking, and we really don't know what set him off.

Maybe he had been studying Alec Baldwin's moves too long. Baldwin's had his troubles in the past for going after nosy photographers. Temper, temper.

He's sorry, so sorry

Alec Baldwin's had a reputation for a bad temper for a long time, and he's had his own altercations with paparazzi.

Now he's apologized to his 11-year-old daughter for calling her "a thoughtless little pig."


Does he really get it? Does he really understand how damaging his rant was? Somehow, I don't think so.

Baldwin's going to be working with celebrity therapist Doctor Phil, who made an on-air appeal to the actor. (Amazing how things work in Hollywood.) Good, if Doctor Phil can get through to him -- let's see how good Dr. Phil is. Baldwin needs some heavy-duty counseling.

I feel for the guy -- his pain and torment come through in the tape. Buttons were being pushed that had nothing to do with his daughter or marriage, but probably went back to his childhood and feelings of rejection and inferiority. He will never have a relationship with his daughter if he doesn't learn to control that flowing volcano of rage.

Baldwin is talking about leaving acting, apparently for something more philanthropic. Maybe he's had an epiphany, or maybe he just hit male menopause.

I'm sure his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, knows how to push his buttons to her advantage in the custody fight. She seems to have no clue how damaging that tape going public is for her young daughter.

It's like The War of the Roses in unending bitterness and battle. Get a grip, alleged adults, and think of your daughter's future.


Padre Mickey said...

I personally believe that when Gringos visit other countries they should behave, and not in the same manner as they behave en los Estados Unidos. Because "behavior" in the U.S. is pretty much "misbehavior" everywhere else on the planet.

Saint Pat said...

Amen. We tried to drill that into our teenagers' heads on the mission trip to Honduras. They went into the trip with typical American imperialist attitudes, but I'm happy to say we saw some changes during the trip!