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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not so much a fashion statement

Michael Moore is at it again -- exposing the ugly truth, and pissing off governmental officials while he does it.

Michael Moore: not so much a fashion statement.

In Farenheit 911, Moore exposed the greed, corruption and lunacy that brought us the war in Iraq.

This time, in a timely production called Sicko, he's going after the medical-insurance-pharmaceutical (MIP for short) fascist oligarchy.

This is a lot tougher and more dangerous than going after Bush Baby. This is going after some of the big boys who pull the Bush strings. The MIP capitalist complex is one of the most powerful groups in the country, and among the biggest contributors to the Bush campaign.

So, no wonder the Treasury Department has been sicked on Moore. They're investigating him for violation of the trade embargo on Cuba, for taking some 911 heroes there, ones who apparently couldn't get medical care in the grateful ol' USA; the point being they COULD get treatment in a third-world communist country.

You gotta admit, Moore has a great capacity for irony.

I take it it wasn't the medical facilities at Guantanamo to which Moore took the sick people.

Hmmm. Would the Gitmo detention center be a trade violation? Seems like as much of one as sick people going for medical treatment in Cuba. Any lawyers out there?

But, then, the MIP oligarchy couldn't stand the idea of us going across the Canadian border to get the exact same prescription drugs we would get in the US, but for a fraction of the cost. And they claimed it was because they were frightened for our safety.

Apparently, the cold, dry Canadian air has a deleterious effect on pills sitting inside Canadian drugstores, on pharmacy shelves.

I can't wait for Sicko to come out.

But be careful, Michael. MIPs are the kind of people who "probe" other people in ways you really wouldn't like.

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Rowan The Dog said...

Not a fashionista but you gotta love him.